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"What ever happened to 'no man left behind'? Have you forgotten that Kif is in critical condition? If the Republic doesn't kill him then the Sith most certainly will!"

"The mission may come first, but that's no excuse for leaving people behind to die because you 'forgot about them'. THAT IS RIDICULOUS. Jedi should know better, and especially you. Was he too much of a burden for you? Had you forgotten he put his life on the line for the rest of you?! Did you forget that too?!"

Zarev was completly quiet for a moment as he looked down at the ground. When he rasied his head his eyes were blazing with anger and fury. "Vlalkor, bring the Shan about and head for the base. Prepare for a jump."

Vlalkor shook his head. "I'm sorry sir, but the base's defenses would rip us apart before we reached the inside of th- Augh!" Vlalkor's voice cut off as Zarev slowly moved towards him with both of his hands facing outward. Vlalkor could feel the pressue as Zarev used the force to push him back into the pilot's seat.

"You seem to be under the impression that that was a suggestion. You will turn this ship around towards the base or you will be relieved of duty."

"Sto-Stop this..." Vlalkor whispered painfully as his hand tried going to his balster pistol, but Zarev grabbed it with the force and crushed it easily.

"Now that you've had the time to think...will you turn the ship around?" Zarev asked quietly. Vlalkor nodded urgently. "Good. Now turn us around."

Zarev turned towards the others and brushed past them as he headed for the ship's ramp. He turned to look at them with a small but dark looking smile. "Anyone who wants to come along can."

Zarev steadied himself as the ship stopped moving above the base and the ramp extended down to the roof of the base.

"Why were the republic soldiers attacking you in the first place? Was the entire outpost working for the empire?"

Avriela shook her head. "I'm going to guess that Voleran got to the base somehow and corrupted them. From what I understand, all it takes is one person to spread his influence."
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