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Yes, they said. But... what did you awaited for, telling of "no, there was no of nuke"? Of cause they showed serious faces, shouting about "harsh and scary Bad Korea"!

Alright, let's believe officials. For a minute. Believing in existence of Bad Korean atomic weapon has some very good results. It is guarantee that Bad Korea won't repeat destiny of Grenada, Panama, Iraq, Serbia, Libya, Syria and many other victims of "Empire of Good". I think we all here enough wise people to understand the true reason of aggressions of the West against those countries. Some of them were dare to reject USD as reserve currency, another ones had resources or important strategical points that US establishment would to control. All those demagogy about bringing of democracy and crushing of anti-people regimes was only a curtain, you know that. We everybody knows what these "democracy" done to people in attacked countries, it was just genocide. Military invasion into Bad Korea would resolve nothing, it will be just a long war where all neighbor countries in Far East should suffer from huge losses, while the United States should have a large gain. Of cause if we should be lucky and there will be no of those guy who would press the "last button". It is unacceptable. As i said before - there will be process of uniting of both Good Korea and Bad Korea, it just MUST be. Nobody needs those idiotic "military communism" anymore, everybody wants to unite Korean people after all. But please, no Americans there. Armed guys from West and their Washington rulers has nothing to do there.

I don't justify Bad Korea for all those "play with nukes". Even if it's a fake gun, it is still a gun. But also i don't blame them. Yes, i don't like those Bad Korean "canned communism" as well. More i can say - i don't like it even more than all of you here because of i remember the Soviet Union in it's worst years and in difference of you i can very clearly to imagine how does life in Bad Korea now looks. I know about real communist society not from senile books of Tom Clancy or horror movies for sh!thead rednecks like Red Dawn, i experienced all of it in real life. But also i can say - everything is better than to fall under control of America, becoming their colony. I can say that because of i also remember 90s in Russia, when Mr. Drunken Pig did everything that guys from Washington told him to do, causing real holocaust of Russians. I would never wish even a worst enemy to experience anything like this. I don't like Bad Korea, but i also don't wish them to fall under genocide and extermination, that would be imminently started if Americans would come there.

But i still don't believe Kim-3 has a nuke. It's just impossible from my point of view. K_Kinnison, i'm sorry for being so straight, i actually have absolutely nothing against the United States as such, but i'm strongly against those so called "American establishment" and banksters, true rulers of modern America, who never were elected by Americans and who starts wars against interests of common Americans.

In a trillion years,
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