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So i guess if a North Korea nuclear missile is fired and lands in your backyard, Law_snoll is safe because he doesn't believe North Korea has nuclear weapons and it won't hurt him

This is nothing about "spreading Democracy" Yes, that is the overall goal of US foregin policy, but with North Korea it is more about not causing a war in the area.

Think of it this way. In the last 6 party talks NK agreed to not test any nukes, or their would be more sanctions. Then they detect an estimated 6 to 10kt explosion in North Korea, and North Korea goes on to say they tested another nuke. NK uses the increase sanctions to increase oppression on it's people, it is a Win-win for NK to test nukes.

Frankly I don't care if you do not think there is a nuke. Because if there are no nukes, it isn't as bad as a problem to you. South Korea, Japan, and China do not have that luxury. Since a nuclear weapon fired from NOrth Korea landing on foreign soverign soil and killing civilians, would demand military action against North Korea.

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