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i heard of it havent watched it and refuse to watch it.

some things that annoy me here:

I wish i could go to the gym and lift some weights without having to wait for other people...

females....literally watching 3 guys try to get with a particular girl, the funny thing is she outranks them all and AR-whatever says no fraternization between sergeants and lower enlisted, so why do they even try?

the bitching.....we have it so easy, it brings me down when people start bitching about doing anything (classes, etc the ones that are easy as hell that is, a mandatory 5 minute safety brief, etc. not college related)

people not doing what they're told....i literally had to "help" 4+ people with those stupid fema exams we were told to complete...i got some pizza and drinks out of it but still, people gotta stop being so stupid.

telling us to sign up for classes and ****, i got on this deployment to make money and do my job not go to school, wtf, over. and taking classes is not priority, needs of army first, so basically sign up for a class and fail it then owe money for it.

basically being told to volunteer at uso, which is lame...i did 55 hours there and they started looking at times i was actually there, i forgot to sign out the one time and they got on me about it, so i stopped going there. i dont need a ribbon worth 10 points for being someones bitch. i'll max my points when i get home anyway cause im going back to college after this.

having to go to another building to use the bathroom...having to share bathroom with people...having to share shower. having to use either when the O.C.N.s are cleaning them...

other than that, im having a good time.

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