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Smile Trailers! (fan-made)

Okay, so the buzz for these movies seems to have died down after the shock of hearing that LucasFilm was bought by Disney and that a Sequel Trilogy was finally going to be made, with other directors besides George Lucas at the helm. I imagine it'll pick up as the advertising campaign for the 2015 movie (Episode VII) picks up as it nears closer to completion.

In the meantime several trailers have been circulating online (some of them rather old), but they are fan made.

I remember when Episode I buzz was going, I was just naive enough in those days not to realize that some of the trailers out there were fan-made. Maybe some people will be confused over these like I was all those years ago, but in any case, just remember that these are not "real" just based on people's imaginations and clips from other movies. Still, a fun way to pass the time for some... enjoy!

(Youtube Link)

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