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Hard to believe that it's been a decade since we got a new JK installment! I hope LA hasn't given up on this series for good. After all, this is the longest we've waited for a sequel...

But then I seem to recall that they went into a much more conservative direction with the company around that time, focusing on console games, prequel based stuff and titles targeted at a younger audience that could be produced in a shorter development cycle and churned out to coincide with a dvd release... with PC gaming relegated to a niche market and most of their energy focused on these titles (and MMORPG's), it seems unlikely we'll get one anytime soon.

To be honest I never really gave mods like this an honest try. I guess part of me saw them as a poor man's Battlefront, and as quickly as I tired of that game, it didn't put me in the mood to really try them. Then again, I always felt the FPS combat and swordplay in the BF series to be pretty light and forgettable compared to the JK series. It was mostly about getting into the biggest vehicle you could find and wrecking havoc on the enemy base... just a different kind of game.

I think the Force Unleashed series showed what could be done with the force physics and graphics, but the sword play and multiplayer was very dumbed down to non-existent, and there wasn't any first person or gunplay. Modability was also extremely minimal. So JK fans are still waiting for something new. In the meantime, I guess mods like this are all that is keeping people's interest.

Another issue is the hassle required in acquired these mods and setting them up, but I guess that's a small price to pay if it's an experience you enjoy. So have at it!

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