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TOR ate my KotOR
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You have to have more than three Jasra, I have like 13 on mar'ina and Leyn'a. 5 on Brem and 4 on Sliv'ilia (maybe one or two higher on Brem and Sliv'ilia. You get one the heroic gives you one or two and the blue spear thing on the gree ship give you 1. Plus that run around to different planets give you one or two.

Only thing I want is the lightsaber for shipping hilts to alts. Think it requires 17 and champion rep. So I am more worried about rep than I am comms. Although max out for the week, Hero level and I didn't even touch the rep on two toons, didn't use any med Rep, used one large rep and still have a bunch of the small rep rewards on all four toons.

Hopefully you can get in on the events mav set up this week for killing the WB. think mav has one set up for both the 20th and the 23rd.

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