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Republic HQ

"No more killing. There is a chance we can save them if we take out whoever is causing this. One more, and I will cut you down, understood?"

Zarev chuckled. "You can't seem to sense it can you? There's nothing left to them. Their minds are gone."

Zarev turned to slowly look at Light as he smiled again. "You however...still seem to have some common sense left in you. You can either back off now or I will kill you."

What is this...this...this is wrong! What's in my head?!

Zarev's body seemed to move on it's own as his other foot slammed into Light's stomach which sent him reeling backwards. He then gathered the force around him and unleashed a powerful force push that sent him backwards against the wall. He simply continued pushing Light against the wall even as what was left of his mind screamed at his body to stop.

Your quest stops here Jedi. Voleran is the key my domination of both the Sith and the Republic. Nothing will stand in my way.

Zarev! Are you still able to talk to me, especially of who is controlling you? Is it Voleran? If so, I'll take the risk of contacting him directly. For now, speak!

Zarev let out a howl of rage and grief as he continued to push Light against the wall. Something...Something so much stronger. He sent back to Per'dra as whatever it was in his mind closed off his mind to everything.

"Light...get Kif...get out of here...before he takes you as well." Zarev whispered painfully as the remaining republic solders suddenly stopped firing at Zarev and formed up on him instead and took aim at the Shan's ramp.

"Please..." He whispered. "Get Per'dra and the others out of here before he takes them as well."

It was at that point that Zarev's body twitched once and Light was no longer restrained by Zarev's force push. Instead he slowly turned to the Shan and gripped it with the force and began crush the vessel's laser cannons with the force.
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