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Originally Posted by Jeff View Post
I know this is a dumb reason, but I am not excited for this because of the terrible new armor designs. They just don't look like high level gear, and are definitely the worst and most boring looking out of all the current end game gear (basically rakata and black hole). The smuggler ones don't even look new, they just look like a combination of current gear. I'm not sure I would even change my look because I like the Revan armor, but new gear is what motivates me the most in endgame play and it's silly when there's no loot to look forward to.
The new armor designs won't affect how I'll feel about the update terribly much, but I'm with you that they're horrible (mostly). Then again, I've felt that about most endgame gear in this game. They either look boring and stupid or just too eccentric for my taste.

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