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Roof of Republic HQ

Zarev heard the sound of a blaster shot and moved instantly to the left. The bolt barely missed him. He didn't turn away from Varik though and unleashed another powerful wave of force energy at Varik.

"Hey Sith! Use this!"

Avriala knew that her lightsaber wasn't the ideal weapon for this battle. Even though she knew quite a few force tecnniques she knew that they wouldn't do much good against the seemingly posessed Zarev. She caught the blaster and immediatly pointed it at Zarev's hands.

"Sorry about this Zarev." She muttered. She began to rapidly fire the blaster repeatedly at Zarev trying to get his attention away from Varik.

Zarev was forced to turn around and began to deflect the bolts away from him.

"Varik! Nows the time to get Kif! You and Light need to get him now!"

Avriela ran down the ramp and unleashed a blast of force energy as she landed as she continued firing the blaster with one hand while reaching for her lightsaber with the other.
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