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Per'dra Yllari dashed into the ship and quickly located a hatchway that would allow her access to the Shan's exterior. Climbing up the long metal ladder, she knew she didn't have much time to stop Zarev and his damage to the vessel. Thus, when she reached the outer hull, her vantage point was above him and all of the havoc he was causing. Perfect. He won't suspect me from up here... Using all of the strength and ability in the Force that she could muster, the Jedi Knight raised her hands high and concentrated. I tried to use a stasis field against Master Lenina Karos when I fought her in our final battle. It didn't work then - she was too powerful - but I hope it does now. Come on... She squinted her eyes tightly and felt waves of energy drain from her body.

Slowly but surely, Zarev began to freeze. His muscles clenched taut, and his hands balled into fists. His mouth, once grinning in triumphant revelry, was now sculpted into a grimace of fear. His weapons were now useless, because the stasis field was rendering him immobile - at least for now. As for Per'dra? To the people on the ground, she shouted, "Go! Go! I can hold him! Go!" However, could she fulfill her promise? "I'll die trying before I release Zarev!"
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