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Star Wars: The Price of Resistance

The Jedi Order is dead.

It has been nearly a years since Emperor Palpatine has reformed the Galactic Republic into the Galactic Empire. The Jedi Temple on Coruscant is in ruins. Stormtroopers walk the streets of hundreds of worlds that fear the new Empire. Many of the few remaining Jedi have deactivated their lighsabers for the last time and have fled to the distant worlds of the Empire to avoid execution. The Empire's presence is everywhere.

But where tyranny does resistance.

As the Empire's brutal reach extends across the galaxy...brave men and woman will rise to fight against the Empire to save the oppressed and those who can't save themselves.

It's time to challenge the Empire.

Outer Rim

Daceros couldn't help but feel a bit of anger as he watched the Imperial holonet from his seat at the bar. The announcer was smiling as she reported that a small group of resistance fighters had been wiped out on Coruscant. The former Mandalorian shook his armored head.

A hundred credits says that they were most likely holding a demonstration and the imps sent in the stormtroopers in. Wouldn't put it past them. He thought as he continued watching the holonet transmission.

At least the jedi had honor. He thought bitterly as he caught the bartender's attention and pointed at his empty glass. The bartender nodded nervously and refilled the glass with his favorite drink.

Docking Bay 12

Delas couldn't help but wonder how she had gotten herself into this situation as she looked at the three seperate blaster rifles pointed at her.

"Look...This is all a big misunderstanding. I was supposed to deliver this shipment to an imperial officer named Kyral. I don't know why he's not here but this is perfectly legal."

One of the stormtroopers looked at the other two next to him and let out something that sounded like a laugh.

"Captain Kyral was killed in action against Tusken Raiders nearly two days ago. There is no one alive who can back up your claims and that means that your cargo is now property of the Galactic Empire. You will accompany us back to base and your ship will be seized in accordance with Imperial law."

Delas was tempted to go for her blaster but she knew she wouldn't reach it in time.
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