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As Varik was going to advance on Zarev, he was knocked backwards by a pile of debris. Getting up, he was about to advance again when he was knocked backwards - again. He saw blaster fire from Avirela and Traver, and Traver collapsing shortly thereafter. Where the hell has he been?, he thought to himself.

"Varik! Nows the time to get Kif! You and Light need to get him now!"

"No way! You can't hold him off with just a blaster!", Varik shouted back, just before Zarev was trapped in a stasis field. Even then, he didn't budge. He didn't want to risk him breaking free. He walked up to him and held his lightsaber upwards, right behind Zarev's back. If he moved, his spine would be incinerated.

"Just to be safe.", he added, nodding to Light to get inside and get Kif.

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