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((I'll post again once Kif is on the Shan. Zarev is going to pull off one incredible trick later.))

"Just to be safe.",

An internal battle was being fought within Zarev but his true mind was steadily being overwhelmed. The presence within his mind was rapidly overcoming his own mental defenses. On his own, he knew that he was going to lose this mental battle within a few minutes. He knew that at the moment the others were safe from the presence that was controlling his mind. But he knew that sooner or later the presence would be able to break through the stasis field that Per'dra had hit him with.

"I'll die trying before I release Zarev!"

She must think that i'm a traitor to the republic. He thought. A part of him would rather die then have Per'dra think that he had turned on her.

No Jedi. I highly doubt that they would ever trust you again even I did release you from my control. No...The Dark council member that you ended up killing was to be my weapon but now that he is gone I will take a new body to control. Your first act will be to kill these fools.

No...I won't hurt Per'dra...I'll die before I do that!

You forget yourself Jedi. You will kill her and the others because I command it. Go ahead...try and resist.

And Zarev did try. But he simply couldn't break free of the control no matter how hard he tried. But he did have one thing that he could do. He went through his memories and recalled the memories that he had with Per'dra. He took them and the emotions that were brought up with him and used them to create a shield...a barrier that was able to barely hold back the presence wthin his mind.

Hmph. An interesting trick Jedi. It may hold me back from total control, but I still have total control over your body.

The sith was able to break free of your control even if it was only briefly. I will break free even if it kills me! Zarev mentally shouted as the presence within his mind started to gather the force around his body as Zarev fought against the presence. Zarev's body began to break free of the stasis field as the presence pushed his body's abilities dangerously close to the limit.

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