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Okay, wizard. Teach me to play my class.

I am a DPS Jedi Shadow. Tell me how I can get the same DPS-output using *other* skills (that cost force to boot) instead of force-free tumult (as stated, the second most damaging ability).
Teach me my class. Learn me how I can improve my dailies. What's better than "Force in Balance, Rock or 2 in face, boot in face, only strength left"...

Maybe I need to use my finishing move (the -20% health one). Why? It costs force points. It's recharge is long. I rather want to use it on the strong instead, which is then not possible. That's not an improvement.
Double strike? Again, force points. Less damage. I fail to see better.
Rock (project)? I just used it, can't do twice in a row.

Enlighten me, go ahead... I seriously doubt you're going to give me a tumult-less way that does more damage per second.

Also I keep reading "classes get new stuff to compensate". Tell me how removing a lvl 30 and adding a lvl 51 skill is compensation. Instead of leavind 20 levels with less skills, for what?
What magical rule is there that if you increase levels no more skill can be added, so for each one added one is taketh away?
It's as stupid as making orange items lvl 40 required. Then adding a new color at lvl 55. And call that compensation and balancing out.
(It's not)

Kinda funny you complain many DPS don't know their job and there should be more good DPS'es killing weak thrash first. And just before that said to me I should use a slower, less efficient way to clean weak thrash and move to the more powerful afterwards, fuller powerbar than when I used what was said "more efficiency." Allowing me more powerful attacks against the more powerful too.

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