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Originally Posted by Kr1ffing_Br1lliant View Post
What are you testing?

For the record, I already mapped out the UVW of the gun model and found that many parts of the texture mirror, (which makes it hard locate individual pieces)
and the most important visuals (the barrel and optics) are so small that no matter how big you scale it, there is still a significant lack of quality. I suggest that someone remaps the whole thing if you are to get the level of detail you are seeking.
One of my original goals was trying to figure out how to extract the model so I could skin in the future. I'm not a talented skinner but learning the process was something that intrigued me. The mirroring of the gun became apparent once I finally got the TGA. When you look at the rifle in game, you'll also note that it clips through one of the sentry droid's arms.

Seeing as the gun is (most likely) only for my own use, I certainly wouldn't want to trouble anyone to remap the whole thing. It wouldn't be fair to have someone else do the heavy lifting while I only slapped a few things on it.

To give you an idea how bad my current skin is, I present to you a choppy GIF!

There's an animated red light right above the droid's hand on the trigger. In order to get somewhat close to the muzzle of the gun as seen in the concept art in the OP, I used a picture of grey aluminum siding. LOL

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