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Do ops only wield elite or higher enemies (I don't know).

Sure, I can adapt. It would however still mean I lose my most powerful attack I can use on thrashmob, which would overall reduce my DPS however you look at it. Hardly "useless"... I'm not too fond of looking forward to dying more or generally taking more damage just because it takes longer to take weak stunned enemies down.

It's not really "more DPS" as "lose as little DPS as possible" (on thrash, on elite+ I of course already don't use it, so it wont change before and after)... yes, it's definitely doable. But I ask you... Why exactly am I forced to do that? What possible reason could there be the move has to go from the game? Just so some people save a slot they already have by not putting it on the quickbar? Because that's just the most stupid reason to remove a power ever. Imagine if KOTOR1/2 the least used feats/powers were removed. Wouldn't that hurt people using them? Wouldn't it make less possible strategies. And would it really make any difference for those who never picked them anyway? No? Then why force it on everyone else?
You've also got 3 skill trees to pick from, choice in tactics. Why take that away again? I don't know. BW has yet to give a reason at all...

I'm sure there are changes to the Assassin too that makes me evaluate over. But that doesn't mean combat gets more hollow if the only powers remaining are no-prequisits, dumbing down combat since you're just spamming attack after attack, and nice combo's that were useful (stun+power) before are gone. I just don't see a good reason to hollow combat out like that, so yes, I do object...
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