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Originally Posted by Lynk Former View Post
If you want to ask anyone specifically about the Shadow, Mim's your man since he's been playing a DPS Shadow through ops and is quite skilled even without using the ONE move you're pinned all of your hopes on.
My suggestion for endgame raids with a infiltration shadow is, level a watchman.

Leyn'a was my second toon to 50 and I personally love the class as it was my first character than was leveled just for me. Meaning I still consider my sawbones and main property of The Walking Carpets (guild). Leny'a on the other hand is all mine, she is pretty useless, or at least lacking in group play beyond stealth and CC's.

I can understand you being upset with losing it before cap. It is a very useful ability for solo leveling, however for end game I don't even have it on my UI. No clue, if it is more useful for balance, but to me it is a useless move for endgame, since it does nothing to set up my next move and it is only good for a knocked out enemy, something I let the tank or raid leaders do. Don't even miss it during dailies because in dailies nothing lives long enough for me to worry about focus management.

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