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TOR ate my KotOR
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I don't use most of those either.

Stealth>Force Breach>Clairvoyant Strike>Clairvoyant Strike>Project. Then use Force Breach every time it is off CD, Use Shadow Strike anytime find weakness is up, and after every two Clairvoyant Strikes, use Project. Once at less than 30%, use Spinning Strike anytime off of CD.

energy management, use blackout and throw in a few Saber Strikes here and there. In group play (ONLY) you can use Force Cloak to get Blackout instantly back up. However, solo it will just knock you out of combat.

As long as find weakness or 2 Circling Shadows are up, you are better off using Shadow Strike or Project than Tumult. According to Mav, Infiltration may actually be viable in 2.0 for group play, this excites me, but I am taking a wait and see attitude. I have heard that before. Still Shadows are great for SM TfB where burst dps is King. So I have one ops at least where I don't feel she is carried. Also we 5 manned Xeno the other day, thought she did alright there too, but the healer and tank were the real heroes there. :

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