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Two Days Before.
The Eastern Dune Sea

A dark smile appeared over Kelarra's face. Executing her plan perfectly, she had manged to draw the imperial officer Kyral, far out into the Eastern Dune Sea with less then a dozen men with him. She took her lightsaber from her belt and prepared herself.

From behind the slabs of sandy rocks, she watched Kyral and his stormtroopers march across the sand, waiting for them to get close enough to spring her attack. Only A little farther imperial scum, She thought to herself. You're walking straight to your death.

Igniting her lightsaber, she leaped over the rocks and sent a rippling force wave towards the group of stormtroopers, sending them flying backwards. She landed beside two of them and cleaved through them both before they could do anything. Kyral tried to draw his blaster, but was picked up with the force and thrown into one of the stormtroopers trying to stand up.

Two other stormtroopers had stood up and managed to fire their blaster rifles, which she deflected right back towards them. One of them was quick enough to duck, the other less agile one collapsed to the ground, dead. Kelarra picked the other one up and yanked him forward, slicing him in two as he flew by. Looking to the left, she saw all of them on their feet except for Kyral and the stormtrooper he had smashed into.

She charged them, deflecting their blaster bolts side to side. The bodies of four more stormtroopers hit the sand. The remaining trooper pushed Kyral off of him and stood up, firing at the jedi repeatedly. Kelarra defended against the barrage, and then threw her lightsaber at him, finishing off the last one. Catching her lightsaber, she then turned to Kyral.

Kyral was already dead. He lay face down in the sand, a smoking hole was in the back on his uniform. She looked up to see four Tusken Raiders Charging and shouting at her, with vibroblades. Sand people, great. She thought to herself. She went into a defensive stance and waited for them. Before reaching her though, the tusken raiders stopped, one of them drawing something from a pouch, threw it at her.

Is that a....Grenade? Since when did sand people have explosives? She wondered, as she grabbed the grenade with the force and tossed back towards the tusken raiders. The explosion killed two of them, the other two ran towards her in rage. She cut them both down with ease, then tried to sense for more enemies.

Sensing something behind her she spun around to defend herself. Nothing. By the time she noticed the shimmer it was too late, a green energy bolt had appeared out of thin air and stunned her. She colasped to her knees and then hit the sand, the last thing she saw before she blacked out was a tusken raider deactivating a stealth field generator.

Caves of the Dune Sea, Tusken Raider Hideout

Zothressk sat alone in the dark, working at his desk. The only light he had to work by was the sparks his own tools made when they made contact with scraps of metal. The trandoshan didn't consider this a bad thing, he actually prefered it. He had been with the Tusken Raider tribe a little over a month now, and had become a close ally to them.

Their deal worked like this, Zothressk supplied them with better weapons and equipment, and they supplied him with a safe hiding place, and place to work. And it was working really well so far. The only problem was that the materials he could find on tatooine weren't that great, so he couldn't make anything top notch. His most recent weapon he had made for the sand people was a high powered sniper rifle, equiped with his new UD silencer.

Zothressk layed the scopes he had been working on aside and hissed. It pained him that his once great weapon company was now in the hands of the empire. Pulling out his datapad he jotted down an new idea for his special project he was working on. "This is taking far too long." He said outloud to the empty room.

He looked up from his datapad as he heard the sounds of Tusken Raiders giving shouts of praise and victory grunts. Setting his datapad down, he stood up and walked out of his room to see what all the commotion was about. A tusken raider hunting party had just come in and were telling of their encounters, one of them had a knocked out human slung over his shoulder.

The brown robe the human was wearing made him suspicious, but the lightsaber another tusken was carrying confirmed it. This person the sand people had captured was a jedi.

Lets rock and role play!

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