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Originally Posted by mimartin View Post
You should get flagged in a opposing fraction base or around their med center, otherwise that could lead to some serious griefing.
What grieving could a person possibly do to an unflagged person?
The only problem comes when that flag IS added to the situation...

But looking back my screenshots, apparently was flagged before. I suppose I could have been pre-flagged each and every time before entering a base then... that's one persistant sucky flag...
As for getting flagged for helping out that dude, you take action to assist a flagged person, you get flagged yourself. Simple.
Don't help other people in MMO, or you get penalised. Noted. Next time I will do the proper thing and steal his kill, loot his lockbox while he fights foes and all the things we're supposed to do. God forbid you're actually helping people.
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