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Originally Posted by Lynk Former View Post
...or you could just check if he's flagged instead of being a drama queen.
Dead people are greyed out without icons.
Once again, your "solution" isn't much of a solution...
Originally Posted by mimartin View Post
Some people can be in the base flagged.
Well, that would be the risk of flagging yourself. If it was always a personal choice instead of forced upon the player like it is now...
I hate being flagged more than anything, but I also try to help everyone possible.
Well, so do I.
So why defend Bio's insane flagging situation?
if you die from PvP there is no associated repair cost, so who cares.
The no-cost is true. But generally one loses buffs (and I haven't leveled 4 people up so no instant recasting all class ones if I had it). The stim ones costing credits.
But most of all, it's the travelling back. Depending on the location, that can take a real long time. Think the Gree ship (all back to base) or Section X and all similar extremly long trecks back.
If it's PvE I only have myself to blame, PvP? Not so much, making it just *that* more annoying.

Anyway, why can't the flag system work;
* You only get flagged if you turn it on. This reduces any accidental pvp annoyance to 0%. There is no other way to get the flag on.
* Healing/reviving a flagged person non-flagged is only possible if no one of the other side is near. Otherwise it works as usual, but without invoking you "the flag"
* When grouping, the leader decides flagged, no-flagged. Anyone trying to join (un)flagged gets the same response as when they're in the group finder, they have to change.
(Of course, no flags on PvP servers at all)

Poke holes in this system. If you find none, feel free to suggest it to BioWare. Since it should have been that way from the start.
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