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During the altercation between the mysterious, heavily-armored Chiss and the Stormtrooper, Ruuto and Enobaria's mouths formed surprised O's. Neither of them could quite believe what they were seeing. The Empire's soldiers were renowned and feared for their strength, but this Stormtrooper's opponent had beaten him in a matter of seconds! It took a minute for the former Republic agent to make eye contact with the Rodian. "You were saying?" she asked, trying to sound nonchalant but failing a little. "I'll have to fight the Tusken raiders in order to find Zothressk, unless...?"

"Unless you disguise yourself as one of them by wearing their clothes."

Enobaria picked up the pazaak deck and shuffled it crisply, a subtle warning. "That's all you have to tell me? Don't you think other people have tried to infiltrate their camp using that exact same method? Don't you also think that those others have inevitably failed?" She shook her head. "Pathetic."

"Hey! Not my fault! I give you valuable intel! Without me, you'd still be wondering where Trandoshan male is!" Enobaria nodded, however much she hated to admit that Ruuto had a point. "Have idea. Chiss male send Stormtrooper running. Let's ask Chiss male how best to deal with raiders, if not to fight them. Ruuto scared of him, but you not seem to be."

She lowered her voice. "The only thing of which I'm afraid is the Empire."

"Good, good!" the Rodian exclaimed nervously. "You go first, yes?" Rising from her seat, Enobaria approached the Chiss and cleared her throat gently.

"Excuse me," she said, "but I couldn't help but admire your amazing display of sheer power. Stormtroopers make me ill." She extended her gloved hand. "My name is Enobaria Votric, and I was wondering if you knew anything about infiltrating Tusken camps without a fight." She gave the Chiss a sly wink. "The Rodian's name is Ruuto, but as far as I'm concerned, it may as well be 'mud'."
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