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Originally Posted by mimartin View Post
No, but it makes the game more difficut for you and give you no leg to stand on when talking about energy/force/focus/heat management. So your complaint about bioware taking away a skill is irrelevant since you are not playing you toon to its full potential now.
Meh, I don't need a predifined rotation to see what skill is best for me in what instance. Because, really, there aren't that many (useful) skills anyway. So it's boring enough already as is using the same abilities. It only gets worse with another perfect combo/power gone.
Ability bloat apparently skipped the consular?

Oh, and only when you're at full potential is using a certain skill useful. Not while leveling, getting gear still? Taking a lvl 30 ability away and giving a 51 back, all good?

I rarely played KOTOR2 as Force Lightning everyone. Maybe I shouldn't have worked on TSLRCM, obviously knowing nothing about that game, and being unable to properly feedback it and it's issues.
Originally Posted by Lynk Former View Post
@ hassat: As for having fun... I seem to be having more fun in this game than you XD
Apparently. I guess I would have more fun if stupid stupid things Bio does wouldn't upset me and I can overflow them with some blind love ("repair costs? Lovely! New people don't ever need to learn FPs. I love grinding dailies hours at end. You should be super-pro at start or be punished"), but I am afraid I am incapable of such blind ignorance. I suppose I would be happy playing my PvE server and getting grieved just trying to do my stuff because "hey, that pvp person is happy"... but I can't. Especially since I need to travel all the way back on ridiculous large maps. I suppose I should just be happy that they replaced the server screen with an infinite loading screen and I have to manually terminate the game but I can't. I suppose I should be happy I can no longer search "22" when I want to sell a 22 augment, but I can't.
I suppose I would have more fun if I can do combat however I want... but Bio doesn't want me to.
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