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Originally Posted by Mav View Post
To be fair, the majority of specs and classes in TOR don't use a true rotation system
Yeah, Mav is correct, it really isn't a rotation it is a priority system...If the proc is up do this for maximum damage and energy management.

Not sure how accurate this is for balance, but for the infiltration shadow it seems correct.

Priority List:

Saber Strike (Out of Force)
Force in Balance (Even single target, every CD)
Telekinetic Throw (Under Force Potency)
Project (If Twin Disciplines is not active, or about to expire)
Spinning Strike (Target at 30% health or less)
Shadow Strike (Find Weakness, behind target)
Mind Crush (Force Strike buff, preferentially on an unafflicted target)
Sever Force (On a target not currently afflicted, or about to expire)
Force Breach
Telekinetic Throw (if you need healing or are low on Force)
Double Strike or Whirling Blow
Of course that is all going to depend on your build. This list of Priorities is for this build

If you set learn what abilities produce what proc (buffs) and what abilities consume what proc and give you the highest damage and lowest energy usage, then I promise you the game will get easier and you will not miss Tumult because stuff will die before energy management is even a issue.

This is a MMO, BioWare is not going to please everyone all the time. Like you I am not happy Cheap Shot is being removed, but I will adapt to my new priority list depending on my build. I am not happy about all the equipment that me and my groups have worked on getting is about to become worthless either, but I will get new gear.

Originally Posted by Rogue15 View Post
i dont know what they mean by rotation? is that order of specials used vs mob?
Here is a guide on sniper (if that is the class you are playing) if not google for a guide or look on the offical forum.

As to group finder not working, are you expecting a instant pop?

Leveling they can take forever to pop.

At 50, for dps you are in for a wait too. Longest I think I have waited is 45 mins on dps, it was so long that I forgot that I was even in group finder.

Operation you are even looking for a longer wait. I have only done one ops in group finder for a random group and it took about a hour to pop even though I was on my healer. Then the group was so bad they couldn't even beat enrage on the second boss and then yelled at the healer (me) for them dying. Needless to say, I only do guild runs and a few runs with people I have ran with before now.

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