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Originally Posted by Rogue15 View Post
well my sniper never had to worry about that ****. cept in pvp but that is more of a gear issue.
PVE and PVE both have gear and skill issue. You can complete solo without a priority system, I know I did is with a sawbones. However, you will not be able to pull off group content proficiently without a priority list. If you are not using one in group content then you are being carried.

Originally Posted by Rogue15 View Post
ahh the group finder only looks for damage/tank/heal with whatever is the best that is lfg?

second, how can I START up a group like that, if i can't join one?
If you are DPS - Pick Damage as your role. Sniper is a dps spec. Dps = Damage per second.

In a hardmode Flashpoint you will get put into a group with:
1- Tank
1 - Healer
1 - other DPS (2 total including you)

If you want to enter Group Finder with a ready made group then you need
1 - Tank
1- Healer
2 - DPS (including you if your role is dps)

For operations you need
2 - Tanks
2 - Healers
4 -Dps (including you)

That is the reason group finder takes so long, shortage of Tanks and sometimes healers willing to play with pickup groups (pugs).

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