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Originally Posted by Hassat Hunter View Post
They can switch on the flag. And do warzones. Or go intentionally to outden and ilum. Enough options, no?
No! We have a member of our guild that is flagged 24/7, he is on this server because his friend are on a PvE server. He likes the challenge of playing and leveling flagged. He has just as much a right to play the game to his enjoyment as you or me.

Other than the AoE exploit, it is your choice to get flagged or not and it isn't like it is difficut to turn it off. 5 mins in a safe area. Although you are right, there was a bug with the flag on ilum that last a lot longer. I had to go to the fleet to get rid of it. Of course I was purposely getting flag on ilum to do the pvp quest and the heroic in the pvp area, since it was easier and I could even solo it there.

Originally Posted by Hassat Hunter View Post
Well, than you're luckier than I am. Tanks and healers can be hard to find. Non-flagged? Even worse. It's gotten a little better since finding a guild though...
I have no trouble, because I am a healer on my main. Have no problem with a tank either, since Lynk's main is a tank.

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