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Originally Posted by Xarwarz View Post
Thats how the panels are...u could download the plc files from my older packs to change look
Sorry for the late post but, my question is this, are you going to be doing a PLC 2013 for this pack? Or should we just go with the previous?

And, an idea on the missing textures from the Ebon Hawk, would it be possible to insert something over those spots (on the floor)? Like some kind of... console thing, like what you wake up on at the start of Peragus? It may be able to hide the spots? Only other thing I can think of, and I apologize if I sound stupid for saying this but, if those spots are separate textures altogether, why not just remove that whole portion of the floor (in that particular hallway) and create a giant, single texture to cover that whole spot? I don't mod, so I am unsure how it works.

Thanks for the work you do, I personally love it. After so many playthroughs, it is nice to see some new things, something to spark new life in a gamers heart.
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