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Finished the game yesterday.

I was very impressed by the amount of polish the game exhibited. The graphics were beautiful, and there were hardly any glitches encountered at all for me - only a few isolated visual ones that righted themselves quickly, and one program crash as i exited the game, that never happened again.


I played on the normal difficulty setting, as is my usual policy with games. However, I found it far too easy - enemies were rather weak, and resources were being chucked at you from all sides, to the extent that resource management wasn't even part of the gameplay. Only at the very end of the game, where the challenge was the highest, was there any element of 'survival' for me.

I think this was because I must be what's considered a 'Veteran', having had played the first two games. But what's more attributive was probably my extensive experience with Mass Effect 3's Multiplayer on the harder difficulty settings, where just a single lowly mook has enough strength to kill you in a few seconds. Indeed, I found the combat gameplay of DS3 to be extremely similar in feel to that of ME3MP, sans the cover-focus. And as such, I find myself absolutely loving it, about as much as I love ME3MP's combat.

Perhaps my favourite part of the game was the
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God, that part was awesome.

Another thing I loved was the weapon crafting system. The multitude of armament configurations really kept things fresh for me all the way through the playthrough, and I got a real kick out of trying out all the different combinations; figuring out what I liked best. In the end, that ended up being:

1. A Heavy Elite Bullpup Rifle + Rocket Launcher; with Splash Guard and Acid Bath or Flame Glaze attachments; The Rifle upgraded/specced for damage and reload, and the Launcher specced for reload and clip. I don't know if the Blueprints had a name for this weapon, and I'm sure there are other names for it out there, but I called this thing 'The Boss Killer'*, because that's what I used it for. This was my fallback weapon as I experimented with various other configurations in the other weapon slot. And it did indeed make quick work out of most of the bosses that came my way.
*(alternatively, 'Boss Neccra')

2. A Heavy Elite Javelin Repeater or Chain Gun + Force Gun or Anchored Bolas; with any, and Electric Charge attachments; the Repeater/Chain Gun upgraded for damage and rate of fire, the Force Gun specced for clip and reload, and the Anchored Bolas specced for everything.

At the end of the game, I pulled out the Plasma Cutter I stowed away in the beginning of the game and upgraded the crap out of it, focussing on damage and reload, and sticking a Stasis Coating attachment on it. More specifically, I ended up with:

3. A Compact Elite Plasma Dispenser with Rotator Cuff Module; with Ammo or Damage support and Stasis Coating attachments; upgraded for damage and reload.

It was at this point I realized that the Plasma Cutter was the ultimate Necromorph killer. And fair enough, too - it's objectively the most iconic, and in my opinion, the most badass weapon of Dead Space.

Also, on the topic of DS3 weapons, the inclusion of the "HUNE1 Badger" fan-contribution weapon made me lol.

"Mjolnir" was obviously a likely inclusion based on the current popularity of Thor/The Avengers, but apart from the name and cool concept, I found the weapon to be rather useless. Lol

IMO the RIG's/suits in this game don't look as good as they did in DS2. However, the main one (Arctic Survival Suit, shown on cover/promotional material) is on par with the main suits from Dead Space 1 and 2 (Advanced Engineering Suit and Advanced Suit respectively).


There were some rather dubious actions taken by the characters at various points, such as:
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I think the atmosphere in DS3 is a lot less potent than in the previous games. But perhaps this perception is due to my experience with the game difficulty. Maybe if I had chosen a higher difficulty setting, the introduced resource management/survival aspect of gameplay would have increased the tenseness in the atmosphere.

Another notable thing is that, probably due to the frequent chatter between the characters, I didn't get a sense of loneliness from the game's atmosphere, which I think is probably a core concept of the DS games.
I don't feel miffed by the exclusion of it in DS3, however. It's just different... I can't say if it's better or worse.

As for the general potency of the atmosphere of the game, the question must be asked: how many times can you repeat the same formula within a series, before it loses its effectiveness?

I didn't mind the cliches in DS3's story, but I do think they weren't as well done as in the original game (which, imo, is what warrants their inclusion).
The lack of cliche execution quality is not to a game-condemning extent though, so that's good.

On the subject of cliches though,
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One particular thing I found strange was the interactions between Isaac and Carver in the SP campaign. You can see little snippets of results of character development when they meet up; I would assume there would be a considerable about of banter between them throughout the CO campaign, but in SP there is virtually none, so the interactions they have when the do meet up appear strange and disjointed since there is virtually none of the actual character development in between. Carver goes from being a hardass dick to a mellowed bro in just a few cutscenes, but with no explanation in between.

Imo they should have had separate SP and Co-Op campaigns. I can only imagine that it must have been prohibitively effortful to do so. Or perhaps it's a voluntary design decision.. in which case I think they should have done the writing better, in this Isaac-Carver-interaction context.

Originally Posted by Lynk Former View Post
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At least give a warning or something before discussing other games' spoilers. ಠ_ಠ

As for the whole Mass Effect thing people are talking about... you guys are reaching. If anything, you should be thinking of Unicron Think about it.
I assume by "reaching" you mean that the connection between the two concepts are a stretch, to which I'd say that while the Unicron saga(s) may correspond more directly to the story of Dead Space (I am not familiar with the specifics of the Transformers mythos, so I can't say if it is or isn't), I certainly don't think the correlation between Dead Space's and Mass Effect's stories is contrived at all. IMO the main parts of the stories are basically identical. The gameplay, of course, happens to be similar too.

Originally Posted by Lynk Former View Post
So this is what I think has been happening over the course of all of the games and other Dead Space media...

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...what do you think?
That is one really nice summary - coherent, succint, and complete. Considering the entire franchise's story as a whole in the way you've presented it gives me a sense of directiveness on the part of the writers. It appears they had a good idea of what they were writing, and where they were going. Personally, I find it rather reassuring; especially when coming off Mass Effect, where it was apparent that each instalment's story was created simply for the sake of putting out another game. Maybe this is the case with Dead Space as well, but either the writers have developed a clever scalable plot framework to work with, or they're just plain better. Either way, as I said: reassuring.

I can't wait for the Awakening, and further story DLC's that may be coming.

In the meantime, I'd like to (properly) experience co-op, but that's a mission in itself. :/

mfw I read the Revan novel

it is not a cry of joy.

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