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I'll probably post a review at some point, but for now it will suffice to say I definitely enjoyed this. Some bugs I can recall ( spoilers in the list below):


-A minor one, on Etti IV, a couple of the colonists have the wrong lines (a man has the woman colonists line, and vice versa). Iirc they are the first two colonists you encounter in the retextured telos entertainment module
-The whole of the planet where you find Revan. My force meter kept fluctuating, and I could run through the walls. My PC crashed at this point, and I couldn't reload the save I made on the planet, either, so I had to go back to an earlier point.
-Vima Sunrider did not appear on aid station, but I was able to complete the quest by searching the room and talking to Rimi, at which point she showed up
-Revan appeared in the senate as though he wasn't already in my party, even though I had with me in my party, thus there were two Revans
-Quite a few convos feature the wrong character speaking a line of dialogue.
-I'm not sure if stuff like clipping is something you wish to address, but most discussions with Tholn have this
-Again, I am sure you are aware of the issues with lip syncing, but this is quite a common problem. On that note, the exile does not open her mouth for many of her lines
-Towards the end of the game, I had to reload a save as I could not enter the senate as the exile the first time I tried this
-I'm not certain this is a bug, but I wasn't sure what exactly happened in the "sacrifice self" ending. I ended up killing Kannos as Revan, but got an ending where he (Revan) survived.
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