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Dune Sea

Rarakor knew that Tatooine had a reputation as a world with an unforgiving climate but he hadn't expected it to be this hot. The wookiee was sweating heavily and was severely dehydrated but he continued walking towards Mos Eisley.

Find him...The angry wookiee thought repeatedly as he continued to stagger across the dune sea. Find the murderer. Avenge Kashyyk! The wookiee's senses were dulled by the heat of Tatooine's twin suns and the lack of water but he knew that something was watching him. The problem was that he couldn't tell where this something was. The wind was carrying the sounds and smells of this planet all around him and it was confusing his senses. This was an unfamiliar hunting ground.

It was at that moment that the something that was tracking him made a noise that he couldn't mistake even in his dehydrated state.

Whoever it was was right behind him.

The wookiee turned around quickly but wasn't fast enough as he was only halfway turned around when a blunt object cracked him hard across the skull and he hit the ground with a thud.

The last thing that he heard before blacking out was the grunting and victorious howls of a party of tusken raiders. Of course he didn't know the name of the species, he only knew that he had failed in his quest. And he would most likely wake up as a captive.

((Warlord, could you have the raiders take him to the camp?))
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