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Jedi Sentinel & Sith Marauder Talents - Patch 2.0 Changes

For anyone wondering what is up with the Jedi Sentinel/Sith Marauder Talent Changes in patch 2.0 and what it looks like here's a video I made going over every single talent that changed in each tree. Remember to check out the description in the video for the table of contents to skip to your specific specialization.
NOTE for Empire Players: I am a Republic player so I go over the Jedi Sentinel Talents, however the Marauder talents are a direct mirror so just replace the republic terminology with the Empire terminology and you should be good!

Jedi Sentinel & Sith Marauder Talents 2.0:

There are a lot of changes and most of them are done to the focus/rage tree, then the combat/carnage, and the watchman/annihilation tree got the least changes. I think in all the combat/carnage tree got the best tweaks and changes having played it on the pts. I played pretty much the same as I normally would, however seeing extra precision slashes/Gore proc as well as dispatch/vicious throw was a sight I can definitely get used to seeing. Also, getting centering/fury from introspection/channel hatred is pretty cool as well. All in all not bad, but for the other tree's I have yet to try the new builds so let me know what you guys think about the changes to all these talents.
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