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Mos Eisley Cantina

"The offer still stands, would you like me to buy you a drink?"

Daceros nodded slowly. "Yes. Yes I would. I apologize for the hesitation but to be honest...I've never heard someone speak the language of the first Mandalorians. It was a bit of a shock. to hear it."

Daceros turned to look at Enobaria and the Rodian before turning back to look at the armored man. "Tell me...have you tested your strength against the native Tusken Raiders?"

He motioned towards Enobaria and the Rodian. "From what your saying, I gathered that the two of you are planning on taking a trip out towards Tusken Raider territory. If you need my help then I'll give it under one condition: When you leave this planet, I would appreciate it if you took me with you."

The chiss sighed. "I've been stuck here for awhile and I tire of seeing nothing but sand everywhere. I'm tired of having to take shelter whenever a sand storm forms. Get me out of here and I'll gladly assist you."

The armored chiss turned as he heard the door to the cantina open and narrowed his eyes as a group of about nine stormtroopers entered the cantina with their weapons at the ready.

"Hmph. I probably shouldn't have roughed that trooper up. Looks like he brought friends."

Docking bay 12

Delas was just for a moment tempted to run for her blaster but the need to vanished a moment later as the trooper's comnlinks went off.

"Attention. A Rebel Cruiser has been shot down and is currently in the process of crashing in the Dune Sea. All available units are to proceed to base and prepare to hunt down rebel survivors. All units are to respond immediatly."

The two troopers immediatly turned and left without a word and Delas was able to breath a sigh of relief as she headed towards her ship only to notice something when she reached the bridge.

The controls has been shot out. The hyperdrive computer had been wiped. And no matter what she did she couldn't access the backups to restore the data.

She slammed her fist down on the control board and swore violently as she ran to the cargo bay and grabbed a case of credits.

She needed to find a slicer. Someone who could get past the damage and get the data back.


Varias rapidly hit the thrusters as she tried to get her ship under control as it continued heading for the dune sea. As her fighter went down however, she saw that a small ship had hit the sand not far from where it looked like she was about to crash.

It was looking grim for her as she threw all the ship's power to the thrusters on the bottom of the ship and hoped to the force that she didn't die.
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