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I just wanted to give my 2c on this topic.

When I seen KOTOR for the first time and the semi-turn-based game play I thought it would be a idea to execute it like SW JK JA instead of going this "slower" way.

Well, KOTOR was a great success, KOTOR 2 was a little less than that (and it was also an unfinished game) and no one was thinking about a game that would go beyond SW JK JA.

Instead of KOTOR 3, then came the SW MMO (I dont even want to recall the name), it was a huge disappointment of the direction the Lucas games took (I guess everything had to follow the new movies ).

Instead of new SW JK game, there was that console thing, that... I dont even want to know whats it called.

Anyway, if someone from LucasArts is reading this. Please, revive this game, and be creative. I really loved the way you needed to combine gestures to execute the move.

NOTE TO LUCAS: Jedi's are not Gods, Midi-chlorian suck and I hope that Mickey Mouse will run SW in to the ground.
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