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I recommened doing making a save before the glitch, then uninstalling the mod....also take off jedi fight trainng that mod gave me problems with some of my other mods. Reinstall the mod with the patch, then load your game save. Try that and let me know how it goes
Correct me if I'm wrong (and I usually am) since most if not all the mods are installed to the override or modules folder. then by deleting these would I also be uninstalling most if not all of my mods? I'm asking this because just last week I copied and removed both of these folders. Then I reinstalled Solomon's Revenge, played from a saved game before the problems occured but still found the game would crash at the same point in the story. Most of the mods don't have a uninstall feature built into them. So trying to identify which files have been changed or replaced can be rather difficult. I had the idea of uninstalling Kotor then reinstalling but I would then lose all my saved games in the process so I haven't done this yet.

But If I do this and install the mods one at a time I just might find the one that's causing the conflict, do you agree? This would be a last resort cause I'd have to play out the entire game all over again.
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