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Originally Posted by mimartin View Post
Their character arcs ended at the closing credits of KotOR and TSL respectively.
While I'll admit Revan's was pretty much closed at the end of KotOR I, the Exile's character arc didn't end with KotOR II. We were left with the Ebon Hawk flying off to find Revan, which meant that the Exile still had some story to go. And, the-off-to-find-Revan ending of KotOR II reopened Revan's story, adding the mystery of what happened to him/her and why he/she left everyone behind and went to the Unknown Regions.

Originally Posted by mimartin View Post
I loved TSL and KotOR was about the best video game ever its first playthrough, but neither is 1/1000 the video game TOR is. Jedi Knight story is as close to the KotOR feeling that you can get, but it is so much more. As much as I love TSL, the game has a major flaw in making Revan way more important than he/she should have ever been made. Not crazy about the way Revan was portrayed in TOR, but it is widely better than his/her portrayal in TSL.
I disagree with this as well. Just because TOR has more storylines, more quests and a longer total gameplay time doesn't mean it's a better game than KotOR I or II. Also, Revan's handling in TOR sucked. All the player's actions were ignored and Revan essentially just fell to the dark side. I don't see how Revan getting a purpose in KotOR II that was beyond the general "I'm a bad guy and want to destroy the Republic and conquer the galaxy" that he/she originally had is a poor handling of him/her. It's not like they said Revan was the best Jedi ever. In fact, if Revan and Darth Nihlius were to fight Revan would probably lose, seeing as Nihlius feeds on the Force.

Originally Posted by mimartin View Post
As to the Exile, yes she is largely ignored, but I like it that way. That was my character and I hate when others try to go back and tell her motivations. I really wished they would have handle Revan in more of the same way. That said, the Exile is not completely ignored in the game. I thought what was in the Jedi Knight's companion story was very well done and the same can be said about a codex.
I would much rather have had Revan ignored, similar to the Exile. However, neither of them were completely ignored. They were thrown in there as pawns to reinforce what happened in the Revan novel. The thing that was ignored was their true base characters (that is to say, the player's choices as those characters) and the overarching plot of KotOR II.

Originally Posted by Bellator View Post
Kreia's character and much of what she said sucked and undermined the original game and much of what is great about the SW universe.
How did it undermine what is great about KotOR 1 and the Star Wars universe?

Originally Posted by Bellator View Post
The stupid idea that Revan never "truly" fell to the dark side cheapens the original game and its important moment of revelation.
How so? The importance of the revelation was that the Jedi council had lied to you, and you were really a former Dark Lord of the Sith who had ignored the Council, betrayed the Republic and committed atrocities. Just because Revan didn't have the "I'm evil and thus want to take over the galaxy" motive behind his actions doesn't cheapen the revelation on anyway. In fact it adds a nice twist on things, adding more mystery to Revan and portraying him as a villain who had a reason to conquer the galaxy, instead of just doing so for powers' sake.

The truly fallen cannot return to the light. If someone "falls" and "returns," they never really, truly fell.

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