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"We need to get him to the med-bay I think. Check to make sure he has healed enough to be up and about. Give me a hand, Avriela?"

Avriela couldn't move for a moment as she watched Zarev throw himself over the edge of the building and into the abyss. Everything seemed to happen at once, Per'dra and Varik both screaming at him as he fell as the corrupted Republic solders got to their feet and raised their rifles.

"Hold on." She said quietly as she walked over towards Light and Kif. She took ahold of Kif and quickly escorted him to the medical bay before heading to the bridge.

"As soon as Varik gets onboard we need to get out of range as fast as possible!" She told Vlalkor as she settled into the co-pilot's seat and began hitting switches.

"What about Zarev? Did you manage to stop him?" Vlalkor asked.

Avriala didn't respond. She really didn't know how to answer that question.

What is this? Am I dead?

My wonderful could you throw your life away so carelessly? And managed to do something that no one else has had the guts to do. You drove it the cost of your life.

I am dead...aren't I?

That is not for me to say...But I will say this: You should not have done what you did. There was another way to drive what it was away. There are many ways actually. The dark man feeds on the darkness within the heart and mind. He can be stopped by the right individual and that could have been you. But can still warn your friends. Let me teach you...and you may have a chance.
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