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Originally Posted by Fallen Guardian View Post
Don't try to just delete the Modules folder outright, that contains modules needed for the regular game as well. The override is completely deletable, as far as issues with the main game go. Any mods will be completely shredded by a deletion of the override, however. Yet at this point I think deleting the override, reinstalling all your mods and then loading a save from before you got into that glitchy module would be your best bet.
I'd like to thank you, Fallen Guardian and Darth Reven for your comments BOTH have been very helpful. And I'll take them under advisement. Darth Reven makes a very important point in saying that the possible fault lay in the saved games and I believe he is correct since I have already done as you have suggested and still got the same crash. I should have considered that any corruption might be SAVED in those saved games even after deleting and reinstalling the mod.

What I didn't know is that the uninstall doesn't uninstall everything! I'm going to uninstall Kotor, check the files for any remaining mods, then reinstall Kotor, Brotherhood, then finally Solomen's Revenge without any other mods installed. I will of course reinstall all the updated patches (BoSSR 1.1), (Brotherhood 1.7) and (Kotors updated patch). Let me know if I left any patches out but that's all that I've found so far. If that works then I'll try adding the other mods one at a time. In "theory" I should be able to determine which one is causing my glitch, providing of cause that both mods play out without any problems. It may take me some time to get back to that point in the game where I first got these issues. Thanks again for your support!!
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