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"Please take me to the Tusken raider camp," Enobaria replied crisply. "I've never tested my strength against them, but if that's what I need to do in order to find my contact, I'll do it. His name is Zothressk, and he's a weapons manufacturer. Don't worry; he's not with the Empire, even though they offered him a deal he couldn't refuse. The thing is, he did, and now I have word from Ruuto that he's here on Tatooine and 'hiding' with the raiders. You may wonder why I need to find Zothressk instead of another weapons tech to share what I know, but there is no one else I trust more than the Trandoshan. He may be lethal and brutal under certain circumstances, but he also hates Sith more than anyone. I would rather have him on my side than someone 'out of the loop', if you get my meaning." Enobaria didn't tell Daceros the other half of her story, and why she was fixed on locating her scaly ally. She was beginning to trust him, but how could she explain about what Zothressk knew without endangering his life?
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