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To be revealed in Gameinformer in a couple hours, Thief (or as many would know it, Thi4f) is a stealth game involving a thief. It is being developed by Eidos Montreal, famous for their 'Never Asked For this™" trailer, as well the video game based off it, Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

It is possibly related to an obscure stealth franchise called 'Thief', suspiciously also owned by Eidos. It is unclear whether this is a reboot or a sequel (the title points towards a reboot), but my bet is on a pseudo-reboot similar to Human Revolution.

And now, screenshots at AllGamesBeta. Although described as next-gen, the graphics look wonky, super-detailed at certain places and jarringly bare at others. I love the look though.

The hands look very detailed, and I like that hand-on-the-wall, a lean function like that would be fantastic. I adore the lighting (someone apparently shipped red and teal pixels to Eidos Montreal this time, greatly enhancing their palette of available of colours). The good ol' stock of gold/black pixels looks standard though.

Also, yes, there is a very strong Dishonored vibe to all of this. In before the Dishonored fanboys calling out Thief for ripping off Dishonored.

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