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Yeah, my Guardian has been 50 for months and I still haven't gotten around to finishing Scourge's storyline. I think he's at about halfway. But ya know, that just means I just dont care. Revan just dosen't mean anything to me.

Which is where I think I kinda fall in with the majority of the people that play TOR, they aren't up in arms about the Revan/Exile thing. Because they dont care. Revan is not the God-end-all-be-all of the story that the KotOR fans made him out to be. It's just alot of people that came from WoW or other games and had no knowledge of that character and could care less. Just playing and having fun. Which is what I'd like to think it's really about.
TOR is a great/very fun game. For me anyway (and Mim too apparently).
But ya know, I'm not butthurt, so...
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