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TOR ate my KotOR
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Originally Posted by Fallen Guardian View Post
Also, in the end of KotOR II, we see the Ebon Hawk flying off into the Unknown Regions to go after Revan. Whether your Exile wanted to or not is of no consequence - the game takes over at that point, with no player choice in the matter.
Kreia says your can't take your companions with you into the Unknown Region, so what happened at the end of TSL, you are flying into the Unknown Region. What did the Exile do, kick the companions off the ship after they rescued her and then let them blow up with the planet? How do you know it was the Unknown Region? Did I miss a space roadsign or something?

Makes perfect sense to me to just fly off into the Unknown Region on a ship that just crashed with only emergency repairs done to it.

My ship was flying to a vacation, I think the Exile deserved it.

Originally Posted by Fallen Guardian View Post
doesn't mean it disagrees with every facet of the Star Wars Universe.
Going to ignore the rest because of this statment. Where did I write it disagrees with EVERY facet? Hint I didn't.

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