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Originally Posted by adamqd View Post
Personally I thought the ending of season 5 was good, and I'm happy at their decisions regarding Ahsoka.
I agree. Ahsoka's story could end right here and I'd be fine with that.
Originally Posted by adamqd View Post
But it made me realise something... TCW has made me hate Anakin, Obi-wan and the Jedi Council, the whole mythos and nostalgia I have about the Jedi is gone because of this show.
You mean the prequels didn't do that for you first?

To me, Obi-Wan and the Jedi Council have neither gained nor lost much of anything so far, though Obi-Wan having a girlfriend was rather interesting and added some depth to his character that wasn't there before. However, TCW actually made Anakin likable, and that alone makes it worth watching.

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