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Originally Posted by Fallen Guardian View Post
I debated what you wrote, especially given that you never offered anything as an alternative to my misunderstanding of what you wrote, aside from just stating I was wrong.
you didn't ask for clarification either, so I just assumed you didn’t care to know what I meant in my reply to that question.

As to bad blood, while I take offense to people putting words in my mouth, I am a strong advocate to everyone having a right to their opinion and being allowed to make up there on mind. I just don’t like when they try to tell me how I feel or my opinion. My own family does not know me well enough to define my opinion on a majority of subjects. However, I take nothing personal on an internet gaming forum on something as trivial as discussion about a game.

It isn’t like I have the power to ban you or anything like that….Oh wait I do…

Joke - Trust me, if I banned everyone that disagreed with me, Achilles, Totenkopf, Tommycat, Q, Lynk and pretty much everyone else would be banned. I would be very lonely hanging out around here.

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