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Originally Posted by Fallen Guardian View Post
I take her word for it because there is no reason to stretch the truth about Revan's motivations. Kreia stands to gain nothing manipulation-wise if she tells the Exile Revan had a nobler goal in attacking the Republic than most people believed. As I've already said, the Exile didn't learn of the war until Peragus. How could knowing the intentions of one of the agressors behind the war the Exile didn't even participate in, let alone know about, help to manipulate him/her?
Simple reason. The Exile KNEW REVAN. Or at least respected Revan. And the Exile DID know of the war. There was even a segment of dialogue where she asks, "Then why didn't I follow him to war?" when speaking to the handmaiden. The exile didn't know of the near extinction of the jedi at that time. In fact there are parts where you(exile) correct Atton about a few of the happenings. The exile simply didn't fight in the great civil war. But the reason is still, simple. Convince the exile that not following the light path can be a good thing.

Originally Posted by Fallen Guardian View Post
I never said Revan was immune to the dark side or that he/she never fell to the dark side, I said he/she had a much better reason to go out and conquer the Republic than other dark side villains do.
Not really. The way you have described your position makes it out that somehow he was above the light side/dark side and maintained a positive message despite being DARK LORD OF THE SITH. They don't just hand out that "Darth" title as a sith academy graduation gift.

just noticed...
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Joke - Trust me, if I banned everyone that disagreed with me, Achilles, Totenkopf, Tommycat, Q, Lynk and pretty much everyone else would be banned. I would be very lonely hanging out around here.
Grumble grumble.... I'll take being lumped in with Achilles Tot and Q, but LYNK!!!

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