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1. The fact they threw out the idea Revan's fall was a combination of his own choice to save the galaxy and his newfound lack of tolerance for those he found to be weak (a result of his observance of Mandalorians during the Wars)
Did you even play the game?
They ignored any different outcomes of the two KotOR games when dealing with Revan and the Exile, which I find pretty poor because one of the major selling points of the KotOR series was the ability to choose your path. In KotOR II they made sure to at least factor in the most basic of your choices in KotOR I - whether you went light of dark and were male or female. But they didn't even try to take into account choices from the previous games with TOR, which for a game that's supposed to be KotOR IV, V, and VI (KotOR being a series where choice is an important factor) is pretty awful.
That's because the ending they went with has been labeled canon, and therefore anything that comes out AFTER they made it canon has to take Star Wars canon into account.

This isn't exactly a concrete reason, due to the like/dislike of TOR but I'll throw it in anyway. TOR, overall, really doesn't look or feel much like the KotOR games. Yet it boldly claims to be its successor. It seems to me they threw Revan in there to have a remote tie to the games they left behind.
Have you even bothered to play TOR, or are you going off some bligger's rants. Because honestly there's more there than you are claiming.

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