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TOR ate my KotOR
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Originally Posted by Fallen Guardian View Post
But TOR doesn't live up to my expectations, which brings me to the realization that we're not going to ever (more than likely) be able to convince each other that our own view points are the correct ones. Some will agree, some won't. Point is, I don't want to be forever caught in a back-and-forth so this'll be my last post in this thread. It was fun debating, and it's definitely given me some stuff to chew on.
That was my entire point. Stated it a page ago
Originally Posted by mimartin View Post
You can disagree all you want, that doesn't mean you are right.

And neither am I.
That is my entire point. Revan/Exile are our individual characters, we were the one playing hours on ending leveling through KotOR and TSL. We made the choices with what to do with our character. Sorry Fallen Guardian and The Lord of Chaos, but my Revan was a flawed character full of remorse for what she had done to the galaxy. She fell to the darkside in her quest for knowledge.
No matter what was done in TOR, many fan would have been disappointed with the way it was handled. Even if there would have been KotOR 3, there would have been disappointed fans with the way it was handled. It is really a no win situation for BioWare.

I have no problem with people hating TOR, my problem is when people act like their way is the only way and people that enjoy TOR are stupid. It is a matter or taste and opinion. I hate in EU that they killed Chewie, I don't yell and scream about it, I just ignore it. Others may like the book, I just understand that we have different taste and it is their right to enjoy it. I don't want every copy of the book burned just because I don't like the fact chewie dies in it. Also not a fan of the Star Wars Lego games, that does not mean I am going to belittle it and hope it fails, I just ignored them.

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