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Originally Posted by VeniVidiVicous View Post
Well with Bin Laden now dead I suppose the US needs another boogie man, despite what one may think of the government in North Korea it's leaders aren't stupid enough to declare war on the US.

Just an question on my part here because I honestly want to hear what people here think:
Why is it that the US/UN insists on sanctioning countries and then is always surprised when these countries dislike them for it? I think the US just likes to have an enemy to point to in their news rooms.

As for having nuclear weapons I only know of one government that used them in a war and it wasn't North Korea's.
This brings up the question: when, if ever, is it ok to get involved in the affairs of another country? Another person?

I think the answer is if an entity willingly subjects itself to the rule(s) of another, ie, when a person joins an organization, or becomes a citizen of a country.

N. Korea has done so, so America and co.'s actions of imposing sanctions on them are appropriate, and approvable, imo. The parties in the UN are simply saying, "If you want to trade with us, you've got to play by our rules (the rules you agreed to, when your signed up to be a part of our group)."

Even if NK/DPRK didn't sign up to be in the UN, their actions are still appropriate. People and countries have a right to associate and not associate with others, according to their desires. In this case, it's just about the same as a group of people shunning someone because they find their actions morally reprehensible (Eg, not being friendly with the guy down the road because he beats the **** out of his kids).

Now, if that guy, out of frustration at your lack of amicability no less, threatens to attack *your kids* (while firing gunshots into the air); then you have a right to get your shotgun, brandish your teeth, and tell him to gtfo.

Make sense?

I don't know about previous sanctions, but the latest ones in UN Resolution 2094 are aimed at intercepting anything related to NK's weapons program, that may be moving through UN countries. Given by NK's latest tantrum, it seems to have struck a nerve. (Or perhaps, it's the outlined interception of certain, as yet ambiguous, "luxury items"...)

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