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So the snow storm today made the "Blizzard" of a few weeks ago look pretty wussy. It was worse in my area in every way, save the power going off.

Yet... nothing closed. The college was open, and the show wasn't canceled. So I was expected to drag my ass into work at noon.

But none of the streets around here ever got plowed. It was at least 8 inches deep at the end of my driveway... and a car got stuck there for 40 minutes this morning.

I decided not to take the chance... and slogged my way up to the bus stop, and stand there in a blinding white-out waiting for the 11:15 bus (which finally arrived at 11:50...)

Needless to say, I ended up being late, by over an hour.

But, I still beat the band by 3 hours.

Today was a nightmare. Yippee.

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