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Coruscant Entertainment Center

TOR: Smuggler's Trial Run

TOR: A job interview goes well

Haven't seen Jasra in years, and this story is one reason I have missed her.The scenes are crisp, the Captain almost a perfect stereotype of the old man who gives the youngster a chance. I could picture his mumbling about young people so clearly. The youngster is just as clear cut, but like a diamond before you begin cutting.

Pick of the Week


The surveys
Mark Solo

Covering Mandalorian war, and KOTOR: It's survey time...

A series of surveys answered by the main characters. I only had time to read the first 3, but there were amusing points. When asked what his first car was, Revan replied that it was a Republic battlecruiser he crashlanded. Malak is constantly flirting, and Bastila is hung up on Revan, unwilling to admit her anger for her mother, and wants to dye her hair blue.


TSL on Peragus: The Exile wakes up

The piece had one thing in common with mine; a dream sequence right before she leaves the tank. That, and the idea that she had once had a son with the idea to me that Malak was the father was a unique twist. She comes across as a woman damaged in life, and still recovering from it.

My only real complanit is that it was too short.

Pick of the Week


Crossover KOTOR/TSL With Stargate Atlantis: The Jedi reform in a mythical land

While warned that it would be non-canon, I was surprised to discover in the second chapter that it was a crossover as well. The piece had a lot of SG backstory which helped, as the Stargate series is far from my usual TV viewing. Mixing Jedi into it made the work an interesting read.

The Pregnancy Test

Post-KOTOR: Well we all expected it...

It is fun seeing a pair of Jedi acting perfectly normal in this situation. Kale (Revan) wanting aboy named Junior was perfect.

And I liked the description of the smile.

Pick of the Week

Down the Right Path

Post-KOTOR: A young Sith hopeful finds his feet on a different path

The piece is well written, and unlike a lot of those who revel in the darkside, the author isn't just turning good and evil on their heads. The character dissects both Sith and Jedi, and finds neither pure nor perfect, and wishes to be a Sith primarily for his own ends. But someone seems to be trying to direct him anyway.

I didn't read past the first chapter, but it was for lack of time.

The Enclave

TSL at the Jedi Enclave: The final confrontation

The piece was written in a very short time, and the word usage mistakes are due to that more than anything else, wit instead of with, the instead of they reveled rather than revealed. All due to haste.

My only quibble is the idea that not having the Force will automatically kill the Masters; after all, something like 99.9 percent of the population galaxy wide do not have that connection,yet they live.

Light in the Dark

Post-KOTOR AU: Canderous Ordo, not yet Manda'lor, looks on the future.

The piece is a soft almost loving look at the Mando'a race; the only jarring note for me was you forgot the old saying Aliit ori'shya taldin - Family is more than blood. The Mando'a would have accepted the child automatically.

Pick of the Week


KOTOR on Taris before the bombardment; The calm before the storm

Only real negative; remember conversation breaks. I had to go back at one point because I was counting exchanges to see who was talking.

One point, why did you have the friend try to steal from Davik? If he were a philanthropist, he wouldn't be a mob boss.

Is The Journey Over?
Onyx Panthera

Post TSL: The Exile picks the best way to relax her 'Fool'

The basics, that the Exile uses a game of Pazaak (Which the author points out she is not good at) to determine if she is going after Revan with or without her crew is a bit odd. It suggests she didn't feel willing to try without them.

Farewell My Lady
Lorelei Jane

Post TSL: A returned Jedi remembers the love of his life

The piece was very well done, a man remembering the love he had and lost; not from anything he had done, but because of the order. Now that she has married another, he remembers and still loves.

Pick of the Week

Left Alone: Survivors
Layna Danare

Crashed on Malachor V: With both of the other women dead, It falls to Mira to first bolster the men's morale, then go to help the Exile

Part one of three, a very interesting piece.

Left Alone: Last Battle
Layna Danare

Crashed on Malachor V: Part 2; the final confrontation with Hanharr

The piece continues in being interesting. The idea that using their mental capabilities a Jedi can ask another for advice in the middle of a fight seems plasusible.

'To argue with those who have renounced the use and authority of reason is as futile as to administer medicine to the dead.' Now who said that?

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